About Us

Welcome to Colleen's Cookies. We are so happy to have you as our guest!

Our story goes like this....
Colleen Thompson was asked to make 250 cookies for a charity function. Having no experience in decorating cookies, she pulled out some family recipes and went to work. The cookies were so well received, a company was born.

We explain the success of our cookies based upon "it's all about the taste". We use the finest ingredients available, pay close attention to detail, and in the end we want you to be completely satisfied with your order. This is how we began and continue to have success based solely upon word of mouth. Until recently, we didn't have a website, you could only find us if you knew someone that knew us - the best advertising available.

Our customers place orders, we bake the cookies as close to delivery date as possible, decorate each cookie by hand, carefully package each item to insure you receive your cookies intact, and include an extra cookie just in case...that's it. The cookie styles you see on the internet aren't hiding away in a freezer awaiting an order, we bake everything fresh right before your event because...it's all about the taste!

We welcome a challenge... creating cookies to match an event or occasion is our specialty. Having a 50th birthday party with pink, black, & green flowers - we'll match that! Putting your corporate logo or a photograph onto a cookie to remind your clients who's the "sweetest", we can do that! Our personal favorites - an inside joke. We've made cookies that make no sense to us what so ever but the customers are always excited to deliver their "inside joke" gift box to friends and we feel honored to be a part of that moment.

Colleen's Cookies truly loves to create cookies, that makes us all very happy - all of our employees are passionate about what they do as well and it shows. So if you have a friend that needs some cheering up, a special event that needs a little sweetening up, your corporate accounts need to know you appreciate their business, or you just need a cookie fix - just let us know, we'd love to make your day a little sweeter!

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